What if Every Job You Have Ever Had Can Open the Door to an Online Business? Episode 9

What if every job you’ve ever had can open the door to an online business?

This topic is near and dear to our hearts because when I, Lauren, was pregnant with twins, my biggest fear was I wouldn’t be able to work. This episode will get your creative juices flowing in a different direction so you can look at your business in a global way.

Lauren Marie is a Joy of Business facilitator, acupuncturist, entrepreneur and mother of twins. She travels worldwide, facilitating classes and changing her clients’points of view about life, health and business. Born on the outskirts of Washington D.C., Lauren now lives on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. A passionate creator and conscious rule-breaker, Lauren seeks to inspire other mothers to see the possibilities others overlook, and to embrace every challenge and choice that parenthood brings.

Rachael O’Brienis CFMW, a Transformational Life Coach, Certified Facilitator of Access...

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