Where is Your Pot of Gold? - The Anyone Can Do Business Podcast Episode 10

Today’s show is an Irish special! I, Rachel O’Brien, am joined by guest Paul Kearney on the eve of St Patrick’s Day to ask our listeners, what is your pot of gold? Hint: it’s not money.

What really excites you? What gets you up in the morning and gets you going?Your pot of gold is what makes your heart sing and thrills your entire being with joy and enthusiasm.


Rachael O’Brien is a CFMW, a Transformational Life Coach, a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness, Joy of Business Certified Facilitator, Certified Management Consultant, Pilates Instructor, and co-owner of Irish Rain Natural Skin-Care. She lives in London and travels around the globe facilitating classes! Her target is to empower as many people as possible to know what they know! What would it take for you to know, you can change anything in your life that does not work for you?

Paul Kerneay is the managing director of Access Consciousness Europe and...

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