Is Burnout Real? - The Anyone Can Do Business Podcast Episode 7

Today’s topic is one that comes up for a lot of busy people—burn out.

After a hectic period of facilitating classes and travelling, I, Rachel, woke up very sick one morning. Everyone said I’d been working too hard and was burned out. Was it burn out or was I not giving my body what it required?

Creating doesn’t mean always having to do things. Looking after your body, having a Netflix chill-out day, or walking on the beach and being with your thoughts is also creation. You require stillness and space to receive inspirational ideas, as well as activity. If you think you might be getting burnt out, here are our top 3 tips:

  1. Is it true that you’re burnt out? Asking a question will give you more awareness
  2. Make a choice to nurture your body
  3. Return to sender all the points of view that are not yours.


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